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Campaign Overview: Introducing Chapman's Super Premium Plus Ice Cream


Our goal was to launch Chapman's Super Premium Plus ice cream line and position it as the ultimate ice cream experience, targeting urban professionals, foodies and luxury consumers aged 18 to 34 in the Canadian market.

Key Differentiating Features 

Super Premium Plus boasts higher butterfat and overrun content, resulting in an exceptionally creamy texture. It is also the world's first allergy-friendly ice cream, completely free from peanuts, nuts and eggs. With all-natural flavours and carefully crafted quality, Super Premium Plus offers eight delicious flavours to please every ice cream lover.

Creative Concept: "It's Art"

Inspired by elegant perfume advertisements, our creative concept aims to elevate the perceived value of Super Premium Plus, positioning it as a desirable indulgence that captures luxury and distinction.

TV Commercial: 30-second "It's Art"

Meticulously designed to tantalize viewers, the commercial showcases the exquisite taste, all-natural ingredients and allergen-friendly qualities of Super Premium Plus. The luxurious imagery and elegant aesthetics appeal to the target audience's desire for a premium ice cream experience. It is broadcast nationally in both English and French.

Social Media Assets: Photography and Cutdown Videos

Our campaign includes a series of captivating visuals tailored for social media platforms. These visuals showcase the diverse range of flavours available and highlight the unique packaging design of the 500 ml containers. They aim to evoke a strong desire among the target audience, enticing them to indulge in the luxurious experience offered by Super Premium Plus. The social media assets include 4x:15 cutdown videos and 25 professional photographs.

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